Virtual Doula

The Phoenix Doula Virtual Support

So what is a virtual doula and why should you hire one?

Put simply, a virtual doula is a person employed to provide guidance and support to the parent(s) of a newborn baby -- remotely.  A virtual doula can help you navigate and plan for pregnancy, baby and the postpartum period.  With a virtual doula finding the best doula to meet your needs and the needs of your growing family is no longer limited to your immediate area -- it offers choice and diversity.  Do you wish you had a trusted and knowledgeable person you could text, call, video conference or email with questions regarding your pregnancy and post care needs?

If your answer is YES then check out these amazing benefits of having a virtual doula.


More Technology, More Ways to Communicate

Smartphones and social media mean you don't have to be next to someone to communicate effectively.  Most communication through the internet is in written form. This form of communication often allows you to pay close attention and reflect on your thoughts and feelings prior to them being expressed.  As a client, you can easily shoot a text message to your virtual doula. As this is an integral part of communication and interaction The Phoenix Doula understands the value and importance of returning client messages in a timely manner.


Not only is The Phoenix Doula accessible via phone, email and text messaging but by offering doula services remotely Sharita can now serve a bigger audience and reach a larger geographical region.  Clients residing in rural or remote areas where there are no doula services can benefit from the accessibility of a virtual doula.


Both the doula and the client have the convenience of corresponding with each other at various times.  This can take away the hassle of setting appointments and rescheduling. The client reaches out as needed.


Having a virtual doula allows for maximum flexibility for overworked and over-committed parents.  Being able to integrate doula services as needed is a great option for many.  

Does it sound like you would benefit from having a virtual doula?

Are you ready to get the support you need during your birth and postpartum journey?  Then click here to learn more!

Authored by: Sharita "The Phoenix Doula" Thompson