As your doula you will receive a birth and postpartum experience that is totally focused on your needs -- physically, educationally and emotionally.

Having personalized doula care is important for you to have because it means I will be there to offer the support YOU need, whatever that may be.  I will provide hands-on physical support, evidenced-based information and emotional support.  I will remind you of your strength and your capability when you're feeling your most vulnerable. 

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Offering exceptional doula care and childbirth education in Phoenix and beyond!

I am a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, as well as a Certified Childbirth Educator.   I have distinguished myself through education, experience and dedication to the principles and philosophy of childbirth care and postpartum support.  I also have a Master's in Education.  Along with owning The Phoenix Doula, I am the owner of The Modern Mom Company. You can read my full bio here.

I will truly make a difference in your birth and early parenthood experience!